Invisible Kingdom – “The Other Side”

Written by: Steve Crowder

From his youth, Steve knew he was called into the ministry which ultimately led him to Applied Life Christian College in Arkansas. Now as Lead Pastor of Highway, after two decades of ministry experience, marriage and raising three kids, Steve teaches with unique insight and practical application.

October 4, 2020

In this message Pastor Steve Crowder unpacks the reality of mankind being created as a 3 part being and the impacts that has on our spiritual journey. Enjoy this message from the “Invisible Kingdom” series titled “The Other Side”

The Invisible Kingdom: Far too often we focus our attention on what is seen and experienced in the natural sense-ruled world. It’s what we daily find ourselves interacting with and attempting to understand. But as followers of Christ, we are called to live and operate out of a different kingdom. An invisible kingdom. In this series, we want to grasp a more accurate  understanding of the spiritual warfare that surrounds us and how we are called to live in authority and dominion over the forces of darkness.  

Matthew 13:11 TPT “You’ve been given the intimate experience of insight into the hidden truths and mysteries of the realm of heaven’s kingdom,…”  

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