Reach The Lost – Unite The Church

In our effort to achieve this mission, let’s work together to make sure Highway Community Church is a place where everyone feels safe to come experience the presence of God and worship him.

Below you will find a list of efforts we are taking to make sure everyone feels safe and protected when they come to worship Jesus in our facility.

COVID-19 Cleaning Crew

We have established the COVID Cleaning Team from Highway volunteers to make sure that commonly contaminated surfaces are treated with antiviral procedures after every service. This includes using CDC recommended cleaning methods on all solid surfaces in the facility: chairs, tables, railings, counters, door handles, etc.


Mask Requirement

On Wednesday 7/15/2020 Broomfield county enacted a mask ordinance requiring facial coverings to be worn in public accommodations. The facilities of Highway Community Church fall under this ordinance. Please ensure you are in compliance by wearing a face covering while inside the facility.

Per the ordinance, individuals officiating religious ceremonies can remove the mask for their part of the ceremony and will re-apply the masks upon exiting the stage.


Broomfield Public Health Order NO. 2020-04

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has been placed on every flat surface we can find, so please use it.


Social Distancing

At our present size social distancing is not a requirement. If you would like to socially distance yourself while in the facility the space is available for you to do so.


Online Services

If you have any concerns for your safety please feel free to join us online from a location of your choice using any of our streaming locations.



Highway Online